Each year Gulf Breeze Celebrates The Arts Festival sponsors an artistic competition to select the official ART FESTIVAL poster. The winning artist receives a $250 cash award.  Entries should be appropriate for replication for posters, T-shirts, and other GULF BREEZE FESTIVAL promotional items.

Competition is open to all artists.   Submission Deadline: Deadline is 4:00 PM, October 29, 2019.

Submission Requirements: All entries must be a minimum size of 14" x 24" and no larger than 24" x 36".   Designs with a height roughly 1.5 times the width are preferred. The artwork must be able to include the name GULF BREEZE CELEBRATES THE ARTS and the year; however, we do not require these elements to be included in the submission as long as they can be added if the art is selected.

Each submission must be an original that has not been reproduced previously.

Artwork cannot be submitted digitally. The submission created digitally must be available in a high-resolution format if selected.

Each entry must include the artist's name, address, email, and telephone number adhered to the back of the entry. 

Only one submission per artist will be accepted.

Entries need to be delivered to Gulf Breeze Community Center, 800 Shoreline Dr, Gulf Breeze, FL 
on 29 October between 9am - 4pm.
The rec center staff will not answer any questions about the art or procedures. 

Entries not selected can be retrieved in person by the artist.  

Entries not retrieved by 1 January 2020 will become property of Gulf Breeze Arts, Inc and will be entered in the raffle held during the art festival which supports art programs in local schools.

The artwork should be thematically related to the arts festival. 

The GBAF Committee reserves the right to accept or reject all work submitted during this competition. The GBAF  accepts no liability for damaged or lost artwork.

The winning submission will be sold at auction during the art festival.

GBAF will reproduce the winning Poster for sale during the Festival. Only a limited number of signed copies of the poster are available for sale each year. The artist will be asked to sign the posters.

 The winning entry becomes the property of Gulf Breeze Arts, Inc. The artist retains the copyright of the  image but GBAF reserves the right to unlimited reproduction and use of the image or parts of the image for arts festival materials and products for sale.