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Dear Artists,

   We are well into the planning stages of the 2019 festival. You may have noticed that we have changed the dates, and we apologize for any inconvenience. Please note that the new date was chosen to align behind the Orange Beach Arts Festival on March 9-10, and the Fairhope Arts Festival on March 15-17. Other reasons for the date change was to avoid competition with other large local events, as well as poor weather which has become a regular attendee during the first half of the month of March in recent years. The new dates will also allow us more flexible set up times! 

   I would also like to let artists know that we are planning to have a large section of live art demonstrations, performance arts and local musicians for entertainment this year. I am well aware of any concern about loud music, and assure you that I am working to keep it a respectable working atmosphere for all festival vendors. 

   These improvements and many more, have been made at the request and feedback of participating artists in recent years. I am working hard to make this a unique, pleasant and successful festival for everyone involved. Thank you for your time, hard work and consideration. 

Kelsi Adams

Director, GBCAF 2019

2019 Festival Artists


Applications open on September 1, 2018

Application Deadline is January 5, 2019

Jury Dates are from January 5-10, 2019

Artist notifications will be sent on January 11, 2019

Booth Fees are due February 20, 2019

*The first 30 artists to pay their booth fees will get their choice in spaces. (choose top three and we will accommodate) 

Application Fee: $30

Artist Booth Fee: $169

For 2019, we will have 100 spaces for artists. 

Heritage Arts Section (New to 2019!!!)

Any products made from scratch all the way to packaging by the same individual or group. Examples for this include honey, olive oils, hot sauces, jams, jerky, specialty nuts, coffee, and more. This section will be limited to 10 vendors. Each booth will require a weighted tent and fee will be $169. 

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25th Annual Gulf Breeze Celebrates the Arts Festival

March 23, 2019       9am-5pm

March 24, 2019     10am-5pm